The independent city Wu'an (Chinese武安市) belongs to the administrative area of the prefecture-level city of Handan in Hebei Province of People's Republic of China. The administrative area of the city Wu'an has an area of ​​1806 km ², according to other data 1822.26 km ² and around 720,000 inhabitants ( end of 2004).

In 1973, the site of the Cishan culture was discovered in the belonging to Wu'an greater community Cishan.

Administrative Divisions

At the community level, Wu'an is composed of 13 large municipalities and nine municipalities. These are:

  • Greater community Wu'an (武 安镇), center, seat of the city government;
  • Greater community Kang'ercheng (康 二 城镇);
  • Greater community Wuji (午 汲 镇);
  • Greater community Cishan (磁 山镇);
  • Greater community Baiyan (伯 延 镇);
  • Greater community Shucun (淑 村镇);
  • Great Datong (大同 镇);
  • Greater community Yicheng (邑 城镇);
  • Greater community Kuangshan (矿山 镇);
  • Greater community Hejin (贺 进 镇);
  • Greater community Yangyi (阳 邑 镇);
  • Greater community Paihuai (徘徊 镇);
  • Greater community Yetao (冶 陶 镇);
  • Community Shangtuancheng (上 团 城乡);
  • Community Bei'anzhuang (北 安 庄乡);
  • Community Bei'anle (北 安乐 乡);
  • Community Xitushan (西 土 山乡);
  • Community Xisizhuang (西 寺 庄乡);
  • Community Huoshui (活 水乡);
  • Community Shidong (石洞 乡);
  • Community Guantao (管 陶 乡);
  • Community Majiazhuang (马 家 庄乡).

36.75114.2Koordinaten: 36 ° 45 'N, 114 ° 12'

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