Wu Chien-ch'uan

Jianquan Wu (Chinese吴 鉴 泉, Pinyin Wu Jianquan, W.-G. Wu Chien -ch'uan, * 1870, † 1942) is the founder of Wu style Taijiquan.

He learned at a young age the martial art from his father Quanyou ( Wade- Giles: Ch'uan -yu ), a student of Yang Luchan. In 1911, Wu Jianquan was appointed a civil servant, Mr. Xu Yusheng, to Beijing to teach at the "Research Institute of Physical Education " Taijiquan. This martial art was first available to the public. His daughter Wu Yinghua ( W.-G. Ying- hwa ) and his sons, Wu Gongyi ( W.-G. Kung -i) and Wu Gongzhao ( W.-G. Kung- tsao ) were also known Tai Chi Master.

1928 Wu moved to Shanghai, where he founded in 1935 Jianquan Taijiquan Association, released today by his grandchildren Ma Hailong (President) and Ma Ling Jiang ( head coach ) is conducted. His third still living grandson, Ma Jiangbao, lives and teaches in Europe.

To make the Taijiquan for older, not as well-trained people to learn, Wu Jianquan developed (as well as members of other families Taijiquan ) a slow solo form. This represents an important part of today usually practiced Taijiquan