Wu Jing (Han dynasty)

Wu Jing (Chinese吴景; † 203 ) was an official of the Later Han Dynasty. His sister was married to the General Wu Sun Jian. Wu Jing initially served the warlord Yuan Shu in his campaigns against Tao Qian and Liu Yao, before settling in conjunction with Sun Ben the young Sun Ce joined, the son of his brother. Below him he was Marquis of Danyang. After his death, Sun Yi followed him into the office, who was a brother Sun Ces. Wu Jing left two sons: Fen Wu and Wu Qi. Wu Fens son Wu At befriended later with the official Gu Tian An, Wu Qi Wu Xuan son married a daughter Teng Yin.

  • Politicians (China)
  • Military person (China)
  • Han Dynasty
  • The Three Kingdoms period
  • Born in the 2nd century
  • Died 203
  • Man