Wu Shude

Wu Shude (Chinese吴 数 德/吴 数 德, Pinyin Wú Shude; born September 18, 1959 in Nanning, Guangxi Autonomous Region ) is a former Chinese weightlifter. It was 1984 Olympic champion in the bantamweight.


Wu Shude began as a teenager in 1973, a sports school in Nanning with the weight lifting. Due to its good progress in 1977, he joined the Guangxi Province team. He was very easy and started at a size of 1.54 meters always Bantamweight weight class with a limit of 56 kg body weight.

His career on the international weightlifting stage began in 1978 with a partial failure because at the Junior World Championships in Athens, he scored while in the snatch of the fly weight with 102.5 kg a new junior world record and also became Junior World Champion with this result in the tearing, and jerk him but underwent three failed attempts, so he remained unplaced in the standings without duel result.

1979 Wu Shude was in Debrecen flyweight with 227.5 kg ( 107.5 to 120 ) Vice World Champion at the Junior World Championship and was in the same year in the Senior World Championships in Thessaloniki at the start. He finished there flyweight in the duel rating it 237.5 kg ( 110 to 127.5 ) 5th place, but managed the feat with his performance in the single discipline tearing 110 kg the first Chinese world champion in the seniors to become. It was so obvious that he was different from the previous Chinese world -class athletes who had their strength mostly in pushing a specialist in the snatch.

In 1980, Wu Shude Chinese flyweight champion. The duel result of this is not known. What is known is his performance in the snatch: 112 kg, which meant new world record. During the year 1980 he changed because of weight difficulties of flying - in the bantamweight. In this weight class, he scored at the end of 1980 at a tournament in Shanghai intern in a duel 255 kg ( 117.5 to 137.5 ). At the 1980 Olympic Games in Moscow, he was unable to attend because China these games, these games boycotted because of political differences that existed in those years between China and the Soviet Union.

In 1981, Wu Shude in Nagoya Asian champion bantamweight and on this occasion 16th of August 1981 a new world record in the snatch 126.5 kg. At the World Championships this year in Lille he came bantamweight to 257.5 kg ( 117.5 to 140 ), with whom he finished 5th. In 1982 he was in New Delhi winner. During the Asian Games bantamweight before the two North Koreans Jang Eui -Jung Chang and Jeh -Wan However, the benefits of these championships are not known. In the 1982 World Cup in Ljubljana he won a medal in a duel, the bronze for the first time. He scoring 270 kg ( 125-145 ) and had to let go by Anton Kodschabaschew only from Bulgaria, 280 kg ( 125-155 ) and Oksen Mirsojan from the USSR, 272.5 kg ( 120 to 152.5 ).

At the World Championships 1983 in Moscow, at the first time in many years were Chinese athletes in the Soviet Union at the start, Wu Shude came bantamweight 265 kg ( 125-140 ) on the 5th Place. The winner was there Oksen Mirsojan from the USSR with 292.5 kg ( 127.5 to 165 ) before the Bulgarians Naim Suleimanow, 290 kg ( 130-160).

In 1984 Shude We could seize the hour then at the Olympic Games in Los Angeles. Since most Eastern Bloc countries boycotted the games for political reasons, handed him a bantamweight duel performance of 267.5 kg ( 120 to 147.5 ) to Olympic victory ahead of compatriot Lai Runming, 265 kg, and Masahiro Kotaka from Japan, 252, 5 kg.

After these Olympics, he finished are active career as a weightlifter. He became a coach and lives in his native city Nanning.

International success

World Cup individual medals

  • World Championship gold medals: 1979/Reißen - 1984/Stoßen
  • World Championship silver medals: 1982/Reißen - 1984/Reißen
  • World Cup bronze medals: 1983/Reißen


  • All competitions in a duel, consisting of tearing and piercing,
  • OS = The Olympic Games,
  • WM = World Championship,
  • Flyweight, 52 kg body weight,
  • Bantam weight to 56 kg body weight,
  • Competitions at the Olympic Games in 1984 were the same as the World Cup


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