Wuffa of East Anglia

Wuffa (also Uuffa; † 578 ) was a king of the Anglo-Saxon Kingdom of East Anglia in the 6th century.


Little is known about the early history of the kingdom of East Anglia. Wehha is considered the founder of the local royalty. Wuffa to be his father Wehha 571 followed on the throne. He died in the year 578 probably burned his body and buried under the Mound 5 in Sutton Hoo. The later kings of East Anglia named their dynasty after this ancestor as Wuffinger. He was succeeded by his son Tyttla.

It is questionable whether this is a real person or a mythical founder of the dynasty only at Wuffa. But the fact that he was eponymous for the Dynasty speaks for its great importance. Details of his reign are not known. The dates of his reign can not be determined with certainty. While it is usually assumed that a batch of about 571 to about 578, also classifications of 548 to 551 are represented on the other.