Wulgrin I of Angoulême

Vulgrin I ( also Wulfgrin; † May 3 886 ) was a Count of Angoulême, Agen, Perigord, and probably the Saintonge. He was also the founder of the House of Taillefer.

He came from the highest Frankish nobility. His parents were the comes Vulfard and Suzanne, who was a daughter of the Count of Paris and the Beggo Alpheidis, which in turn belonged to the Carolingian dynasty. His brothers were the abbot Hilduin of Saint-Denis and the Count Palatine Adalhard, the outstanding stewards of the West Frankish king Charles the Bald were. His nephew was the abbot of Flavigny Wulfhard and his niece Adelheid later married King Louis the Stammerer.

Vulgrin was married to Regelindis, a daughter of Count Bernard of Septimania. Their children were:

  • Alduin I ( † 916), Count of Angoulême
  • William I (†? ), Count of Perigord and Agen
  • ? Sancha, ∞ with Adémar, Count of Angoulême


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  • Graf ( Périgord )
  • Graf ( Angoulême )
  • House of Taillefer
  • Born in the 9th century
  • Died 886
  • Man