Wulkenzin is a municipality in the district of Mecklenburg Lake District Mecklenburg -Vorpommern ( Germany ). It is administered by the Office Neverin based in the municipality of the same name.

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The community Wulkenzin bordered to the north by the city of Neubrandenburg and on the east by the belonging to Neubrandenburg Tollensee. In the south and west is the city Penzlin.

Community structure

Districts are

  • Neuendorf
  • New Rhäse
  • Wulkenzin


Wulkenzin was first mentioned in 1346.


Coat of arms

Blazon: " Rippled split; front in blue with a golden key rückgewendetem beard, back in gold erect a red fox. "


The flag is transverse to the longitudinal axis of the bunting yellow - striped blue. In the middle of the flag cloth, lying on one third of the length of the two horizontal stripes across, the coat of arms of the municipality. The length of the bunting is related to height as 5:3.


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  • Neo-Gothic village church in Wulkenzin of brick with an unusual arrangement of the tower on the east side, built in 1832 to plans by Friedrich Wilhelm Buttel.
  • Village church in Neuendorf
  • Manor in New Rhäse
  • Village green in New Rähse

Village church in Neuendorf

Transport links

Federal highway 192 runs through the town.