WVA number

WVA numbers ( goods - sales item numbers) are an order system for brake, clutch facings and other friction materials, which are used in particular for road vehicles, but also in mechanical engineering. The WVA numbering system is used worldwide now.

Taking into account the dimensions of the friction, the system assigns the differently sized pads to the respective application or use areas and thus provides a basis for cooperation and information exchange between manufacturers, distributors and customers.


The 5- digit WVA numbers break down as follows:

The WVA numbering system eV from the TTI association of friction materials, Cologne, developing. One of the tasks of the TTI association of friction lining eV to ensure the dissemination and development of the WVA numbering system. The TTI Association of friction lining eV is member of the Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA ) and the FEMFM - Federation of European Manufacturers of Friction Materials.