WVA Tomb of unknown ( pantry Amenhotep III. )

WVA (also KVA) is the name given to a 1845 by Karl Richard Lepsius discovered einkammeriges grave in the Valley of the Kings ( West Valley ). It is located about 60 m south of the entrance of the tomb of Amenhotep III. ( WV22 ) and probably served as the pantry.


With the discovery by Lepsius the entrance of the grave chamber was less than 3 m deep rubble.

1905-1906 it was then superficially examined by Émile Gaston Chassinat and exposed from 1993 to 1994 by the Japanese Egyptologist Yoshimura and Kondo ( Waseda University). It retains much of its original access barriers. The chamber contained wine amphorae and pottery ceramic. The amphorae were with labels from the 32nd and 37th year of the reign of Amenhotep III. provided. [A 1]