WxPython is a wrapper of the wxWidgets GUI toolkit for the Python programming language. The syntax is almost identical to the version of C . wxPython is an alternative to Tkinter, which is part of the Python package and is based on the Tk API. Like Python and wxWidgets source code is open and platform independent wxPython.


This program creates a window with the text "Hello world! "

#! / usr / bin / env python   import wx   class Test Frame ( wx.Frame ):      def __ init__ ( self, parent, title):          wx.Frame.__init__ ( self, parent, wx.ID_ANY, title = title)          text = wx.StaticText (self, label = "Hello World !")   app = wx.App ( redirect = False) Test frame = Frame (None, " A small example " ) frame.Show () app.MainLoop () wxPython - based programs

  • Documancer, programmer documentation
  • Faces, project management software
  • WxGlade, a free GUI designer for wxWidgets / wxPython
  • GNUmed, a medical practice software
  • Chandler, a PIM application
  • Dropbox, Online-Speicher/Datensynchronisierungsdienst
  • Phatch, is a photo batch program
  • Métamorphose, Dateiumbenenner ( batch processing)
  • PlayOnLinux and PlayOnMac, graphical configuration utilities for Wine with a focus on games
  • GRASS GIS, a free and open source geographic information system
  • Google Drive, Desktop Client Application for Google's cloud- based storage system.