WY Records

WY Records is a record label that was founded by the famous reggaeton duo Wisin y Yandel in 2005. It belongs to the label Machete Music and Universal Music Group.

  • Franco " El Gorila ", also known as La Maquina de Guerra.
  • Gadiel Veguilla Malavé is also called El General. He is a former member of the duo Gadiel & Lobo and also the little brother of Yandel.
  • Jayko, also known as El Prototipo.
  • Jowell y Randy, The duo is known under the name " Los del Momento ", Los más Sueltos del reggaeton and " La Jota y La Nota ".
  • Tico " El Inmigrante " to German, The Immigrant ' because of its Venezuelan origin.
  • Wisin y Yandel, also called El Dúo de la Historia and El Dúo Dinámico. They are also the founders of the label.
  • Yaviah, also bears the name El Gato. He was originally with Pina Records.
  • Yomille Omar " El Tio ", only recently has returned to WY Records. He was represented in 2006 on the album Los Vaqueros, but the label soon left due to differences and did not return until the spring of 2009 back again.


  • Gómez " El Profesor "
  • Marioso
  • Nesty " La maestra instruments "
  • R.K.O
  • Victor " El Nasi "

Often, the reggaeton producers Luny Tunes and Tainy involved in the publications by WY Records.

Former artist

  • Lobo, was a member of the duo Gadiel & Lobo. However, he was forced to the label due to his drug problems, as well as differences with Tony Dize leave.
  • Omega
  • Tony Dize, switched to Yaviahs former label Pina Records, after it signed a contract with WY Records in return.

Confrontation with Baby Records

For quite a stir, especially the media war made ​​in 2006 with the music label Baby Records, which was founded by the artists Zion & Lennox. The trigger was primarily the differences between the WY- Records- musician Franco " El Gorila " and the singer Arcángel, who was still at that time at Baby Records. This was followed by publication of a number of so-called Tiraeras (comparable to the English slang term Disstrack ) between the parties.


  • Pa'l Mundo ( Wisin y Yandel ) (2005 )
  • Pa'l Mundo: Deluxe Edition ( Wisin y Yandel ) (2005 )
  • Los Vaqueros (Various Artists ) (2006 )
  • Los Vaqueros: Wild Wild Mixes (Various Artists ) (2006 )
  • La Melodía De La Calle (Tony Dize ) (2007 )
  • Wisin vs.. Yandel: Los Extraterrestres ( Wisin y Yandel ) (2007 )
  • Los Extraterrestres Reloaded: Otra Dimensión ( Wisin y Yandel ) (2008 )
  • Wisin & Yandel Presentan: La Mente Maestra (Various Artists ) (2008 )
  • Welcome To The Jungle ( Franco " El Gorila " ) (2009 )
  • La Revolución ( Wisin y Yandel ) (2009 )
  • Marcando Territorio ( Jayko ) (2009 )
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