WYCIWYG is an abbreviation used by web browsers, the Mozilla family of URI schemes of What You Cache Is What You Get ( "What do you zwischenspeicherst is what you get" ). This means that a link of the preferred buffer ( cache) is held loaded by the Web server.

However, these formed according to the scheme of WYSIWYG Abbreviation thus has no semantic relationship.

In the address bar of a Gecko-based or Mozilla web browser, the schema name as WYCIWYG :/ / during a Java / JavaScript error, Mid -Script crash, when displaying the iframe source code and the like. be considered. Mostly a combination of the schema WYCIWYG :/ / because of the missing cache information age is not working.

Unauthorized access to WYCIWYG :/ / documents since the Firefox version no longer possible.

Other uses of the term

What You Create Is What You Get

Another definition, which is more similar to the much popular acronym WYSIWYG is What You Create Is What You Get, which means something like, " what you mean is what you get".

What You Click Is What You Get

The definition of What You Click Is What You Get in German means something like: " What you create / clicking is what you get".

This expression is common in much changing environments in use, meaning that what is obtained corresponds to what the user clicks.