Wye (Kent)

Wye is a village in the English county of Kent. Wye lies on the Great Stour between the towns of Canterbury and Hastings. The Parish has about 2,300 inhabitants.

Wye College

The Wye Campus of Imperial College of London was founded in 1447 by the Archbishop of Canterbury and Lord Chancellor John Kemp as Latin School. In 1898 the College to the University of London was incorporated as a school for agriculture. A well-known graduate is John Seymour.


  • The parish church of St. Gregory and Martin
  • Wye Crown - On the North Downs east of the village was scratched in honor of the accession of Edward VII in 1902 a crown in the chalk.

Well-known residents

  • Aphra Behn (1640-1689), writer
  • John Kemp (1380-1454), Archbishop of Canterbury and Lord Chancellor
  • Catherine Macaulay (1731-1791), historian and women's rights activist