Reformed Church in Wynau

Wynau [vi ː naʊ ] is a municipality in the Oberaargau the canton of Bern in Switzerland.

The municipality consists of the villages Wynau, Oberwynau, Aegerten and upper Murgenthal (formerly Murgeten ).


Wynau located in the Upper Aargau in the Swiss Mittelland. It is the easternmost municipality in the canton of Bern, bordering the cantons of Aargau and Solothurn. The northern boundary of the municipality is the Aare. The neighboring municipalities are Wolfwil, Murgenthal, Roggwil, Aarwangen and Black houses.

In the southeast of the village is a small hill, Höchi is called, with a maximum height of 528 m above sea level. M.

The Mirror of the Aare at Wynau is with 401.5 meters above sea level. M. the lowest point of the canton of Bern.



In Wynau is a river power plant, which dammed the river Aare. It was built in 1894-96 by Siemens & Halske, who brought to this end, numerous Italian construction worker after Wynau. The corporation Electricity Wynau was owned by the Basel Commercial Bank and Deutsche Disconto Society before it was of Langenthal and other oberaargauischen municipalities (including Wynau ) adopted in 1903. From this point on, the community Wynau was supplied with electricity. The power plant was completely renovated in 1992-96.


On the southern boundary of the municipality, the railway line Langenthal - Olten goes along, there is also a train station Roggwil - Wynau. Thus, the community is located near the Swiss railway junction Olten and the motorway exit Härkingen. Through the village the main road also leads one from Bern to Zurich. About the Aare there is a ferry service to Wolfwil.