Wysiedle ( German Woitzel ) is a village in the West Pomeranian Voivodeship in Poland.

Geographical location

The village is located in Eastern Pomerania, about 80 kilometers east of Szczecin away. The nearest neighbor sites are the city Łobez ( Labes ), in the north of the village Suliszewice ( Zülzefitz ) and to the south the village Bonin with the living space Budziszcze ( Karolinenhof ) in the west.


Well since the end of the 13th century Woitzel was in fief of the noble family Borcke. In 1689, it went from the family Borcke to the Podewils family over. From this the Good Woitzel arrived in 1928, by inheritance to the family of Lindequist.

Before 1945 Woitzel formed a municipality in the district Regenwalde the Prussian province of Pomerania. In the year 1939 286 inhabitants were counted.

After the Second World War came Woitzel how completely Pomerania to Poland. It was the Polish place names Wysiedle. Today it is the Gmina Łobez ( urban and rural community Labes ) and, with this to Lobeski powiat ( county Labes ).

Village Church

The village church is a plastered brick building dating from around 1600, the building was the living in Woitzel Joachim von Borcke. (* 1527, † 1580) started, and by his son Henning von Borcke (* 1563, † 1609) and his widow Catharina, a von Winterfeldt, continued. In the 18th century an extension was added with half-timbered gables. In the annex there is a gallery above, including the tomb of Podewils family. The tower is constructed of wood.

Inside, the church is richly decorated:

  • The altar consists of a late Gothic shrine dating from around 1510 in the middle, wings from the period around 1590 and an essay in Renaissance style.
  • The pulpit dates from the year 1624 It bears the inscription: ". 1624th Blessed are hear and keep the word of God. " Sound cover missing.
  • The wood-carved, richly painted baptism dates from 1623. Taufdeckel The missing.
  • The spandrels of the gallery are richly painted. The parapet of the south gallery shows the arms of alliance of families Borcke and Winterfeldt for Henning von Borcke and his wife Catharina, seven pairs of their children coat of arms coat of arms and twelve pairs of noble ancestry for Henning von Borcke. The parapet of the north gallery shows the noble ancestry of Catharina von Winterfeldt.

Manor house

The manor ( " Castle " ) originated in the core from the 16th and 17th centuries.

The description in the report of monuments in Pomerania 1936-1945 was: " Two standing together at a right angle wings with pretty richly structured gables. Constructed 16th or 17th century. Disfigured by new additions. The old, very remarkable parts show strong structural defects. As soon as conditions permit, should be taken drastic conservation measures. "