Wyvern ( / waɪvərn /, / wɪvərn /, rarely also wivern ) is in the English language the term for a type of representation heraldic dragon.

Unlike other dragons in heraldry have Wyvern on two legs, wings and a snake -like rump, which is provided with spines. In a figurative sense the word for any pictorial or figurative illustration of dragon is used, which is modeled after the heraldic dragon.

In addition, Wyvern is used as a generic name for a type of dragon in fantasy literature and films as well as in computer and table-top role playing games.


The word Wyvern is since the 17th century with the meaning " bipedal dragon with wings " proved it could come from the Middle English wyvere, wyver (13th century), which itself is derived from the Old French Wivre (French Guivre and vouivre ). The Old French word derived from the Latin Vipera ( Viper ). The "V" has evolved through the altniederfränkischen influence on altfranzösich to " W". See Old High German wipera.