Wyville Thomson Ridge

The Wyville -Thomson Ridge is a 200- kilometer-long sea back from west-north - west to east -south -east between Scotland and the Faroe Islands. He is a part of the Greenland - Scotland Ridge, separating the cold Norwegian deep-water basin from the warmer waters of the north Atlantic. East of the ridge, the water temperature is at 1000 meters at -1 degree Celsius, to the west at 7 degrees.

He rises to about 620 meters depth between 1000 to 1700 meters deep Faroe - Shetland Channel to the east and up to 1,500 meters deep Rockall Trough in the west. It is named after Charles Wyville Thomson, who explored it first.

About the back flows a small portion of the low flow, as compensation for near-surface North Atlantic current can again flow back into the Atlantic cold, dense water from the Arctic Ocean and the European North Sea.