X Brands

X Brands ( born July 24, 1927 in Kansas City, Missouri; † May 8, 2000 in Northridge, California, and Jay X. Brands) was an American actor and stuntman German descent.


Brands played 1952-1979 in numerous TV series and films, and another couple of stunts. In the main, he played the character of indomitable Indian, as well as in his signature role as the most silent Pawnee Pahoo -Ka- Ta - Wah (Wolf standing in the water ) in the 1958/1959 shot by CBS Western series Yancy Derringer. There he was in all 34 episodes of the companion of Jock Mahoney in the lead role as Yancy Derringer. Frequent Mitschauspielerin was there as Frances Bergen game club owner Madame Francine. Brands was recognized for its authentic presentation and the ability to speak the language of the Pawnees, honored in a letter from the speaker of the Pawnee Indians, Brummett Echohawk to the producers in Hollywood.

These played X Brands 1956 in 16 episodes of the series Roy Bean, a judge in the Wild West, 1952/1953 in nine episodes of Cowboy G -Men 1954/1955 in eight episodes of The Adventures of Kit Carson and from 1968 to 1975 in seven episodes of Gunsmoke.

In Santee, the loner he played in 1973 on the side of Glenn Ford the role of Hook, in Three Foreign Legion, he was in 1966 Vallejo.



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