The X- Clan is a music group occurring in traditional African robes. The music can be described as a political rap music, which deals with the issues of racism, world politics and injustice. X - Clan was founded by Sugar Shaft, who acted as DJ for the group, Paradise The Architect who fulfilled the duties of the manager, Brother J, who worked as MC and Professor X, who took over the role of the front man. They were during her career, among other things with Public Enemy on tour.


The X- Clan took its beginning in Brooklyn. Sugar Shaft learned Brother J in the early 1980s to know in high school. They teamed up to make rap music together. Shaft and Brother J both members of Black Watch, an organization that violations of human rights against people of color were observed worldwide and shaming. About the organization was found for both the contact with Professor X and Paradise The Architect. In the studio, the Ultramagnetic MC's they took four of their first demo.


In 1990, the X - Clan released his first album, which was titled To The East, Black Wards. Herself on the scene, the debut album of the group is considered a classic because of its samples and the political, explicit lyrics. During the years 1990-1992 published numerous rappers from the environment of X - Clan solo projects. Even Professor X In 1991, a solo album titled Years of the 9: On the Black Hand Side.

After only two albums Brother J 1994 left the X - Clan. As justification led J to artistic differences. He founded the group after the breakup Dark Sun Riders, which the album Seeds of evolution brought out in 1996. Sugar Shaft died in 1995 of complications from AIDS. The death of Shaft and the departure of Brother J's led initially to the end of X - Clan.

In the late 1990s Brother J assembled a new team, the X - Clan Millennium Cipher called himself around. 2004 The One / Black Wards Row was produced by the newly formed group. After the third X - Clan album, which went under the working title The Trinity, was recognized for the year 2006, Professor X died on March 17 at a cerebrospinal meningitis. The album was released despite the death of the rapper, who had for some time been in financial distress, under the title Return From Mecca. With a Guest Post 5 to listen to the album, among others, KRS -One and Chali 2na of Jurassic. The X- Clan, whose driving force today Brother J, went in the same year with Jurassic 5 on tour.



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