X (disambiguation)

X (or x) is the 24th letter of the Latin alphabet, see X. Moreover, the sign and its modifications following meanings:

  • Χ (or χ ) is a letter of the Greek alphabet (Chi)
  • Х (or х ) is a letter of the Cyrillic alphabet ( Cha ), see Х
  • In phonetics x represents the voiceless velar fricative ( "ch - sound" )


  • X is an equation for an unknown quantity
  • X is in functions usually for the independent variable, see Dependent and independent variable
  • X is used for simplifying the mark ×
  • X is the Roman numeral writing the number ten

Computer Technology

  • X is used often as a " short name " for the X Window System (X11 )
  • X is among Apple users a shortcut for Mac OS X
  • Is the file extension. X for " DirectX Mesh Files"
  • In digital technology x is a Don't-Care - value
  • X is a standardization area for " Data networks and open system communications" of the International Telecommunication Union

Entertainment media

  • PC game and novel series, see X ( game series )
  • Manga and anime, see X ( Manga)
  • American band, see X ( American band )
  • Australian band, see X (Punk Band)
  • Name of the Japanese metal band X Japan
  • Original name of the German heavy rock band Accept
  • Album of the English hard rock band Def Leppard from 2001, see X ( Def Leppard - album )
  • Album of Australian pop singer Kylie Minogue from 2007, see X ( Kylie Minogue album )
  • Album of the American progressive rock band Spock 's Beard from 2010, see X ( Spock's - Beard album )

Distinguishing signs on license plate

  • Bulgaria: Oblast Haskovo
  • Germany: Service vehicles established pursuant to the North Atlantic Treaty, international military headquarters, who have their regular base in Germany
  • Kazakhstan: South Kazakhstan region
  • Monaco: Historical Vehicles
  • Slovakia: authorities Plate ( letter after the dash)
  • Hungary: Trailer


  • Abbreviation of the French École polytechnique
  • Former name of a roller coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain, see X2 ( Six Flags Magic Mountain)
  • X or X is used in student organizations as an abbreviation for a batch
  • X is used in clothing sizes for special sizes (eg, extra large)
  • X is a common symbol of Straight Edge lifestyle
  • As X or XTC and the drug ecstasy is often referred to colloquially
  • X is often used as a separator between season and episode number specified in television series - example: 2x19 is the 19th episode of the second season
  • X is the short name in DB timetables for trains of InterConnex between Leipzig and Berlin.
  • First name of X Brands, American actor