X - Division is a high-risk acrobatic wrestling style. The term is derived from Total Nonstop Action Wrestling and describes the for Cruiserweight Wrestlers ( up to 100 kg) typical ring actions. This style had been already shaped the lightweights of Extreme Championship Wrestling, World Championship Wrestling and World Wrestling Entertainment. The X Division Championship is in contrast to the classical Cruiserweight titles no weight limit. Compete for the title of each of these may Wrestling style represents, regardless of size or weight. The commentator of TNA Wrestling Mike Tenay summed this up in the debut show as follows: " It's not about weight limits, it's about no limits" ( decisive are not the weight limits are crucial: no limits). In particular, since Total Nonstop Action Wrestling in its early days was part of the National Wrestling Alliance, a championship for this wrestling style of some other smaller NWA member leagues was acquired in their program.

X - Division Championship Title

  • TNA X Division Championship
  • NWA Cyberspace Cruiser X Championship
  • NWA Florida X Division Championship
  • NWA New England X - Division Championship
  • NWA Midwest X Division Championship
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