X - Perience is one of Matthias Uhle ( born March 17, 1973 in Berlin ), Claudia Uhle ( born March 15, 1976 in Berlin ) and Alexander Kaiser ( born April 7, 1973 in Eisenach ) was to start the music project.


The first common bond of two Berlin musician Matthias Uhle and Alexander Kaiser, Metropolis, was quite unsuccessful. Later in the minds of the two musicians matured a vision of how their future musical costume should look like: pop music, combined with a pinch of bohemian. These ideas should be realized but only in the third album of the band.

First came the younger sister of Matthias Uhle, Claudia Uhle to X - Perience. Uhle had classical vocal training and earned their first merits at the State Opera and recording for hymns. You should take over the vocal part. Matthias Uhle composed and Alexander Kaiser was responsible for the lyrics in the first place. So they developed their own style: pop music with strong trance influences, to the classic, concise voice of Claudia Uhle.

In 1995, the first song the trio was ready and waiting for publication. However, at first no one took notice of the band. Repeatedly they were representations to various radio stations. Your perseverance was rewarded, and finally Circles of Love hit the airwaves. Was re-edited the song by Axel Henninger, who had been involved in the 1980s in camouflage.

After the success of the song at Radio Fritz the label WEA on X - Perience 's attention and secured the plate rights. Circles of Love was released nationwide, but managed only a short trip to the posterior regions of the sales charts. Following the summer 1996 release of the second single A neverending dream, which reached number 4 in the charts, the media interest increased rapidly in the band. The first album, Magic Fields was able to hold for three months on the charts and has sold over 150,000 times what gold does. In other European countries, the album was a moderate success. The second album Take me home repeated the success of its predecessor. X - Perience had been able to secure a niche in the music market with its own unique mix of styles.

In 2000, the Single Iceland of Dreams was published, the first harbinger of the third album Journey of Life. The piece was the title song of the RTL 2 series Expedition Robinson. By the third album, Journey of Life, X - Perience had then reacted, their original plan to increasingly allow ethnic influences incorporated into the songs into action. So the new songs had African and Irish influences. However, the album could not quite match the success of the previous one.

In early 2003 published X - Perience for promotional purposes the single It's A Sin (cover of the eponymous piece of the Pet Shop Boys). This year also ran out of the contract with Polydor, and X - Perience found 2006 Major Records, a new record company.

Since 2004 Claudia Uhle also working on a solo project Angelzoom. She published under this name so far three singles and two albums.

In autumn 2006 X - Perience returned with a new album. Among other things they could Midge Ure ( Ultravox, Visage ) win for a duet. The album also contains three bonus tracks - three new versions of old classics. 2007 parted ways between Claudia Uhle and X - Perience. She wanted to take care of the future more to her solo project Angelzoom.

2009 Tyrae alias Manja Wagner, also a musician at the Liechtenstein band world conflagration and the Mainz band Dark Diamonds, presented as the new singer of X - Perience and a new single titled "Strong (since you're gone )" was announced.

Stylistically, the sound of X - Perience is wholly unique, the musical model camouflage is always visible. Recent comparisons in the German pop music absent; only the synth - pop band Crown of Creation, with Rick J. Jordan of Scooter the CD Real Life in Hanover and Biickeburg grossed in 1993, has musical parallels.







Side projects of the band members

  • Dark Diamonds: Tyrae ( Manja Wagner)
  • Jesus on Extasy: Tyrae ( Manja Wagner)