X-ray image intensifier

An X-ray image intensifier ( RBV ) is an image converter for X-rays.

A RBV produces in real time an image is displayed on a monitor.

It consists of a cup-shaped input screen, three to five electrodes, and the smaller output screen. On the input screen is a scintillator that produces light upon the occurrence of X-ray radiation. Directly behind a photocathode is deposited, the electrons are released from the incoming light. The free electrons are accelerated in the electric field between the cathode and anode toward the anode. The electrodes form a further electric field with which you can control the path of the electrons ( see Electron Optics ). Before the output screen is again a scintillator, which makes the electrons visible. The result is a glowing, green, upside-down radiograph. Most often, the output screen still optics and a CCD camera mounted to view the picture on the screen can.