X - SAMPA [ ɛks ˌ sæmpə ] (abbreviation for Extended Speech Assessment Methods Phonetic Alphabet [ ɪkstɛndɪd spi ː tʃ əsɛsmənt ˌ mɛθədz fəʊnɛtɪk ælfəbɛt ] ) is a further development of SAMPA, a phonetic alphabet, which can be represented by 7-bit ASCII code. X - SAMPA was developed in 1995 by the British phonetician John C. Wells to bring the different SAMPA versions for different languages ​​to a common denominator, as well as to all the characters that appear in the International Phonetic Alphabet represent. Despite the proliferation of Unicode for the purpose of creating and archiving of printed products X - SAMPA is increasingly used in phonetic contexts and language technology world, especially when it comes to the automatic processing of large amounts of transcription local languages ​​for statistical purposes to Sprach-Eingabe/Ausgabe- to develop systems and to provide lexicographic databases.