X. B. Saintine

Xavier Boniface Saintine ( born July 17, 1798 in Paris, † January 21, 1865 ibid; pseudonym for Joseph -Xavier Boniface ) was a French comedy, vaudeville and novelist.

Saintine was an unusually prolific playwright who has been involved in about 200 plays as sole or co-author, mostly under the pseudonym Xavier with Eugène Scribe or other authors whose writing workshop. Under the pseudonym Picciola he wrote numerous vaudeville. Together with Jacques -François Ancelot he wrote the comedy Tetes rondes et cavaliers ( 1833), which served as a literary model for Vincenzo Bellini's opera I Puritani. The vaudeville - piece Le bouffon du Price ( The Fool of the Prince ) of 1831, which had Boniface authored with Anne -Honoré- Joseph Duveyrier, formed the basis for Victor Hugo's drama Le roi s'amuse (1832 ), which in turn template for Giuseppe Verdi's opera Rigoletto ( 1851) was.

Particular fame during his lifetime but Saintine acquired as a novelist, particularly for La Picciola (1836 ), a novel about a political prisoner who is in prison psychological support at a small flower that grows in the prison yard between the paving stones.


  • La bonheur que l' étude procure. Didactic poem. In 1817.
  • Poemes. 1823.
  • Jonathan le visionaire. Novel. In 1827.
  • Le mutile. Novel. In 1832.
  • Une maitresse de Louis XIII. Novel. In 1834.
  • La Picciola. Novel. 1836 ( full text in the Google Book Search ).
  • Seul. Novel. In 1857.