Computational trick 10/8?

In connection with the data transfer speed of X.75 terminal adapters are encountered often on details such as 8000 bytes / s In asyncronen transfers the data frame 8n1, the data rate is calculated as usually, because each byte is framed by a start and a stop bit. With 64,000 bit / s, the transmission rate should be only 6400 bytes / s after this bill so. Since the terminal adapter, however, the asynchronous protocol EIA -232 converts into the synchronous X.75, accounting for the start and stop bits and flags 01111110 Opening by High - Level Data Link Control # block structure at the beginning and end of the 2k frames replaced. If the terminal adapter here with more than 64,000 bit / s ( customary 115,200 bit / s ) is controlled, it is possible the transmission rate of almost 8000 bytes / s reach. However, this speed is dependent on the data content in practice because certain bit combinations are bypassed by bit stuffing from the X.75 protocol.

  • Network protocol
  • ITU Recommendation