X.Org Foundation

The X.Org Foundation is a foundation that defines the standards for X Window systems and a private X Window System, the X.Org server, managed as a reference system and developed.


In addition to the main project of the Foundation, the X.Org server, there are other projects that have to do with the X protocol. These include more X - Server and other projects:

  • AIGLX is a known function of the X.Org server since version 7.1, the effects such as transparency, search with search cones and the like has, by these effects are no longer calculated on the processor, but the graphics card.
  • Xgl is an implementation of an X server as GL client that offers similar effects and possibilities as AIGLX. The technical approach, however, is fundamentally different; Xgl is also currently (as of October 2006) not part of the X.Org server.
  • Xegl is an X server, which has the same graphical capabilities as Xgl. But it should be implemented directly on a new, independent from the windowing system driver architecture directly in OpenGL.
  • Debrix is the development direction is to change the modularization and structuring of the X server comprehensively.
  • KDrives is a highly modular X server, which has served as the basis for Debrix and currently exists only to try out. His name is KDrives because he works exclusively with the help of the kernel.
  • Xinerama support connecting multiple physical displays to a virtual desktop.
  • X Test Suite, an environment that simplifies the testing of X - X capabilities and software.


The former X.Org organization was responsible for the X standards, its own implementation of a real server, it was not there, however. The best known and most widely used X server then came from the XFree86 Project.

After around 2003 but disputes broke out because of a new license for the upcoming release of version 4.4 within the XFree86 XFree86 project, many developers left the project to develop the server based on the old license on. Since the new license by many Linux distributions was also rejected as incompatible with the GPL, the developer formed together with employees of different distributions of the old and the new X.Org organization X.Org Foundation to in this context, the X server and to further develop the X standards and manage.

It is linked to work closely with the freedesktop.org project, offering the source code on its servers and coordinated parts of the development.

The Foundation will, contrary to the old X.Org organization, primarily run by developers.

Members of the Foundation

The Foundation has a number of supporters that support the development of the X server. The most important are:

  • Hewlett Packard
  • SUN
  • IBM