X/1106 C1

Great Comet of 1106, also known as X/1106 C1, was a big comet was seen both in Wales, as well as in Japan, Korea, China and Europe.

A lot about the comet is still unclear. It was allegedly seen that have divided the comet. He formed possibly the Great September Comet of 1882, Comet Ikeya - Seki and SOHO - 620. He is a member of the Kreutz group, a subfragment of this comet broke up earlier.

The comet appeared on 2 February 1106 and was observed by mid-March of the same year.

Mentioned in the literature

A brief remark in a Welsh manuscript, known as a breeding y Tywysogion describes the following:

" Yn y vlwydyn Honno y gwelat seren anryued y gwelet yn anuon paladyr oheuni yn ol y chefyn ac o prafter colofyn y veint a diruawr oleuat IDAW, yn yr darogan hyn a vei rac Llaw: kanys Henri, amherawdyr Rufein, gwedy diruawryon vudugolyaetheu a chrefudussaf vched y Grist a orffowyssawd. A'e vab ynteu, Wedy cael eistedua amherodraeth Rufein, a wnaethpwyt yn amherawdyr. "

"This year, a star was seen to look wonderful, behind him pulling a light flux with the thickness of a column in size and of great brightness, presaging what the future will bring: Heinrich, Emperor of Rome, after huge wins and a devout Christian life found his peace and his son, after he won the seat of Rome, became emperor. "

Sigebert of Gembloux mentioned the comet in his Chronicon sive Chronographia ( Pub. 1111).

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