X3 (train)

The four-part, standard gauge electric multiple unit type X3 is used by the Swedish company Arlanda Express to direct traffic between Stockholm C and Stockholm-Arlanda Airport.


Alstom seven of these Air-conditioned trains were built in Birmingham and delivered in 1998/99. The X3 belongs to the top group of Coradia railcars and can reach speeds up to 205 km / h. The trains are painted in gray and yellow. The motor coaches use the same power system as it exists in the entire Swedish railway network.

In Arlanda and Stockholm Central Station on track 1 and 2, the trains have separate platforms. There is a direct continuous transition from the train to the platform is possible. Each car has two doors and each door luggage racks are available. The entire train has 190 seats. In one of the cars separate places for wheelchair users and a toilet are available.

2003 and 2004, the nose cones were replaced to facilitate the coupling of the individual units. 2006, the trains were renovated inside, equipped with new seats and painted in different color schemes. As of 2010, there was a re modernization, where more seats were installed. When working in the EuroMaint workshop in Malmö and the outer coat of gray was changed to white.