The X68000 was a home computer of Sharp, which was almost exclusively sold in the Japanese market. Therefore, all original programs and the operating system in Japanese language, what the distribution outside of Japan was not conducive.

Launch was in 1987 as the successor of the Sharp X1 and the last models came onto the market in 1993. The computer even drove on a button in the standby mode and thus gave time applications, orderly shut down and write data to the hard disk.

The computer is still very popular in Japan, and there are newly developed operating systems or ports such as Minix or Unix NetBSD. There are also co- Windows, a new graphical user interface, and even an ethernet card called XNeptune.

The hardware was used for slot machines, and there are many ports of arcade games on this system.

Model history

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  • Processor: Motorola 68000 (10 MHz) - XVI 16 MHz - 25 MHz X68030
  • Math Co - Processor: Motorola MC68881 from ( could be retrofitted at XVI in slot, otherwise on the additional board in conjunction with memory expansion)
  • System clock: RP5C15 Ricoh
  • Floppy Disk Controller: NEC 72065
  • Hard disk controller: MB89352A Fujitsu (SCSI Controller in Super, XVI and X68030 )
  • Serial port controller: Z85C30 of Zilog, two-channel serial port for RS232 and once a mouse
  • Printer port, parallel: 8255 NEC for printer and joystick port
  • ROM: 128 KB BIOS, 768 KB character generator ( 16 × 16, 8 × 16, 8 × 8 - JIS 1 2)
  • RAM: DMA Controller: HD63450 Hitachi (DMA for floppy drive, hard drive, expansion slots, and ADPCM audio)
  • 1 MB - 12 MB, expandable
  • 512 KB text VRAM
  • 512 KB VRAM graphics
  • 32 KB VRAM Sprite
  • 16 KB static RAM
  • ADPCM: MSM6258 Okidata
  • FM synthesizer: Yamaha YM2151 (along with YM3012 DAC noise generator )
  • 2ch FM Synth, 8 octaves, 8 votes
  • Monitor synchronization
  • Serial interface
  • System clock
  • Stand-by mode
  • FM synthesizer ( see Sound)
  • IRQs and
  • Keyboard
  • Storage controller: ET at X68000
  • OHM at ACE
  • OHM2 at Expert, Expert2, Super and XVI
  • McCoy at PRO and PRO II
  • BUDDHA at X68000
  • MESSIAH Ace, Expert, Expert 2, and Super
  • DOSA at XVI
  • SCOTCH at Pro and Pro II
  • Cynthia Jr. at X68000
  • Cynthia Ace, Expert, Expert 2, Super, PRO and PRO II
  • VINAS 1 2 at X68000
  • VICON with all other
  • VSOP at X68000
  • VIPS in all other
  • RESERVE at X68000
  • CATHY all other
  • SILICIAN at X68000
  • Iosc at ACE
  • Iosc -2 in Expert and Expert 2
  • PEDEC at Super and XVI
  • Iosc -2 at PRO and PRO II