Xarchiver is placed under GNU GPL frontend for a variety of data compression and archive programs. The user interface was implemented in GTK ; the program itself is written in C.

The programmers have put in Xarchiver special emphasis on ease of use, speed and a resource-saving implementation. Because of these properties, the program is well-suited for use on low-performance computers. Xarchiver therefore has long been part of the Xfce project, but with advent of other smaller work environments such as LXDE Xfce - dependency was abandoned. In corresponding Linux distributions that ship with Xfce or LXDE, Xarchiver is often the default archive management program.

On 16 December 2008 Xarchiver was awarded 5 of 5 points, to be excellent with the Soft82 Award.


Xarchiver can display the contents of archives, manipulate, extract or create one; However, to the appropriate backend program must be installed. Currently, the following archive formats are supported:

  • * .7 Z ( partial)
  • *. arj
  • *. bzip2
  • *. deb
  • *. gz
  • *. jar
  • *. lha & *. lzh
  • *. lzma
  • *. rar
  • *. tar
  • *. zip

Encrypted archives are * arj for the file formats., *. Rar, *. * .7 Zip and supports z. By the XDS protocol operation via drag and drop is possible.