XML Bookmark Exchange Language (English for " bookmark exchange language" ), abbreviated XBEL, is an open XML standard for storing and exchanging URIs, also known as bookmarks or favorites ( Internet Explorer), which the handling of bookmarks to simplify. XBEL was created by the Python XML Special Interest Group, " to give to the world another interesting, fun and useful project ", which at that time the " performance of the Python XML Processing should demonstrate software ".


Example of a XBEL file:

  • So far mastered only the Linux browser, Galeon, Konqueror, and Arora and the multi-platform browser Midori from the XBEL format from home.
  • A XBEL Bookmark support for Mozilla Firefox for example, offer the extensions XBELFox [S 1], SyncPlaces [S 2] and Bookmark Sync and Sort [S 3]. These allow locally bookmarks on HTTP ( S) - to save or FTP servers on the XBEL format or load of these. This makes it possible to use bookmarks on multiple computers simultaneously and maintain.
  • Any use is XBEL in stand- alone program XBELicious [S 4] for Unix-like systems that converts Del.icio.us bookmarks into XBEL format.



Referenced software (" S"):