Xbox Music

Xbox Music is a streaming service for music, which is provided by Microsoft for the operating systems Windows RT, Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. The access is free of charge and is financed through advertising, on request it can be turned off by a paid fare. In addition to the streaming like Spotify also the permanent acquisition of music similar to iTunes is also possible.


In 2006, Microsoft opened a marketplace in the wake of the launch of the Zune, can be purchased and downloaded on the music. The pricing model was based here on iTunes Store from Apple, which was the market leader in digital commercial with music by then. The Zune store was later integrated into the operating system of the Xbox 360 game console. Since November 2008, owner of a Zune Pass monthly ten pieces were available free of charge, so Microsoft decided to face the emerging streaming services.

After setting the Zune and shortly before the sale of the first computer with Windows 8 and Windows RT Microsoft Xbox Music has launched the completely replaced as a direct successor to the Zune store. Compared to its predecessor, it is characterized above all by the fact that Xbox Music allows streaming of music and yet allows continuous acquisition of a piece. A total of over 18 million tracks should be on the platform that was advertised the offer, among others, with the artists Lady Gaga and Maroon 5


According to Microsoft, to older operating systems, especially Windows 7, is no longer supported. In contrast, the manufacturer has announced to port Xbox Music on Apple iOS and Android, is now the necessary Xbox Music apps are available in the stores. In July 2013, the barrier- related usability was lifted on certain systems that can be accessed on Xbox Music by leveraging on a standard web browser.