Xcal is an XML - compliant representation of the iCalendar standard.

Xcal is only a representation of iCalendar elements in XML, and is not intended as an alternative to iCalendar or replace it. Rather, can be personalized with Xcal all the elements, properties and parameters of iCalendar to XML mapping.

The definition of xcal 's 2011 Internet standard RFC6321 in the Internet Engineering Task Force, as amended on August. Earlier submission of other authors from 2005 has expired in April 2006.

There is a simple XSLT script with the xcal data can be easily and completely in iCalendar translate.

Microformats.org defined with hCalendar a direct competitor to xcal, but relies more on XHTML and related standards and aiming to create an Internet standard as opposed to Xcal not anxious.