XCrosscheckx is an old-school hardcore punk band from Meerane in Saxony, which was founded in 2002 by vocalist Kalle.

Music style

The band is based on the early 1980 U.S. scene and is heavily influenced by Slapshot and Minor Threat. 2003, a demo was recorded by the 2004 contract with the label Psycho T. Records came about. So far, three CDs has been released. Live, the band was now played in almost all states in Germany, Hungary and Switzerland on the way and 2008 was a two-week tour in Southeast Asia. The band played shows already common, for example, with The Real McKenzies, Dritte Wahl, Troopers, fence post, Discipline, SS Kaliert, Born from Pain Crushing and Caspar.


  • Demo ( 2003)
  • Kill the local Drug Dealer (2004, Psycho T. Records)
  • Get Respect (2006, Psycho T. Records)
  • No one comes here out alive (2010, Psycho T. Records)


From the " Kill the local Drug Dealer " CD also two small editions vinyl were pressed 333 LPs in black and 66 in white vinyl LPs. In this case, all songs were pressed on the A side and the B-side left empty. By doing so, the appearance of a faulty pressing was made that made the LP a sought, collector's item. In fact, the white version was several weeks before the appearance completely sold out. Of the other two discs there are no vinyl version.