XD or xD referred to:

  • XD -Picture Card, a storage medium
  • In network jargon a symbol of a smiley face, see emoticon
  • " EXecute Disable ": a technique to "improve the security of a computer " from Intel, see NX bit
  • The name of the inter-regional planning
  • An SLR model number Minolta, Minolta see XD7
  • A type of ship Warnow Werft, see type XD ( type of vessel)
  • A U.S. small car, see Scion xD
  • Computer science: Abbreviation for Big Data

XD as distinguishing signs on license plate:

  • UK: EU export vehicles, months of June and December
  • Norway: Steinkjer in the province of Nord-Trøndelag
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