XDI ( XRI Data Interchange) is a universal and extensible service for trade, linking and synchronizing data over the Internet and other networks using XML documents and XRIs (Extensible Resource Identifiers ). The XDI protocol is developed by the OASIS XDI Technical Committee for.

The goal of XDI is to identify data from any source, to describe, to link to synchronize and to create an active, machine-readable Datenweb form in the same way as today content from any source, the human-readable web. Apart from a simple XML format for identification and description of data XDI uses so-called Link Contracts ( Connection Agreements ) that allow ownership, security, privacy and rights over distributed data in a standardized machine-readable format to express.

This approach to a data network globally distributed based on conventional mechanisms such as social rules and legally binding contracts ensuring the functioning of organizations and companies. XDI can therefore play a role as an important component of the social web. " Having a virtual identity or not to have ": XDI can further support the new legal concept of "virtual rights " that are based on the idea of ​​a "virtual identity" and a fundamental right.

The international non-profit organization developed to XRI and XDI XDI.ORG based services.