Xerath is an English heavy metal band that was founded in 2007 in Basingstoke.


The band was formed in 2007 by drummer Michael Pitman, guitarist and bassist Owain Williams, singer Richard Thomson and guitarist Andy Phillips. In 2009 they released their debut album with I at Candlelight Records. This was followed by several appearances together with bands like Vader, Ihsahn, Abigail Williams, The Shining, Entombed and Sylosis, as well as appearances at festivals throughout Europe.

In 2011 was published by II the second album via Candlelight Records. The album was recorded in the UK in the Foel Studios and Jacob Hansen ( Aborted, Tyr, Pestilence ) mixed at Hansen Studios.


The band's music has numerous orchestral Bays. The songs of the band are held progressive and compared with works by Meshuggah. Their music is often referred to as " Djent ".


  • I ( album, 2009, Candlelight Records )
  • Unite to Defy (Single, 2011, Candlelight Records )
  • II (Album, 2011, Candlelight Records )