Xfig is a vector graphics drawing program, which runs on most Unix - compatible operating systems under the X Window System and is open source similar to the BSD license freely available on terms.

The first version dates from the year 1985 by Supoj Sutanthavibul. There is a total of ideas and suggestions by Donald E. Fussell ( professor at the University of Texas at Austin ) back.

With Xfig drawings can be prepared which consist of objects such as circles, rectangles, lines, polygons, splines, text, etc.. Furthermore, images in formats such as PNG, GIF, JPEG, SVG, EPSF (PostScript ), etc. are importable. These objects can be created, deleted, moved, or modified. Various attributes such as colors or line styles are available. For pasted text are 35 fonts to choose from.

Xfig stores the graphics in its own text-based Fig format, but it can export more using the corresponding Transfig program into various other formats, such as (encapsulated ) Postscript, PDF, GIF, JPEG, HP -GL and others.

The use of dialogue runs something unusual way: Firstly, each text box has a permanent cursor in the form of a circumflex, on the other, the write focus without clicking will automatically be placed on a text box when the mouse pointer is over it.

A special feature of Xfig is that drawings with LaTeX labels can be provided. Thus, the output can be in two files: a graphical part in PostScript or PDF and a textual part with LaTeX commands. These opportunities will be achieved through the integration of Transfig.

Use xfig files on other operating systems

The jFig program that is based on the platform-independent Java programming language can also edit files. Fig format. This fig files can. Be used on all platforms where Java is available. Windows users can also make Xfig with the Cygwin library or executable. Fig files using the program editing WinFIG. In contrast to the Xfig available for both Unix and jFig WinFig are not available for free, but only in return for royalties. For AmigaOS, AROS and MorphOS AmiFIG available as Open Source.