The XFL was an American football league, which was founded by WWE owner Vince McMahon in a joint venture with the NBC television network. Contrary to popular belief does not mean XFL eXtreme Football League. When the League was founded, the promoters have assured that the "X" stands for nothing.

Through various rule changes the league was so designed that the risk of injury the player is apparently increased. This did not involve any independent teams, but all were in possession of an organizer.

In order to generate attention for the show aspect of the league, the cheerleaders and the players cameras were installed in the locker rooms and showers.

The interest in the XFL was not very big and it was disbanded after one year game operation in the year 2001. In particular, the moderate athletic performance of the team was cited as the reason.

Teams of the XFL

Final 2001


April 14, 2001: Orlando Rage - San Francisco Demons 25:26

April 15, 2001: Los Angeles Xtreme - Chicago Enforcers 33:16

Finale in Los Angeles ( " The Million Dollar Game " )

21 April 2001: Los Angeles Xtreme - San Francisco Demons 38:6

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