Xhamia e Kalasë, Lezhë

The Fortress Mosque (Albanian Xhamia e Kalasë ), or also called Fort Mosque is a mosque located in ruins in the northern Albanian town of Lezha. She is a national cultural monument.

The mosque is located inside the castle, which towers over the city. The Castle Hill (172 m above sea level. A. ) was fixed in ancient times in the 6th century BC and later to the acropolis of the city. From 1393 the Venetians used the castle. The Magnificent - - After the Ottomans had conquered Lezha in 1478, the Citadel in the 16th century under Sultan Suleyman I. was expanded to the citadel. From this period dates the mosque, probably in the year 1522.

It was an almost square building with a dome, of which the outer walls are still preserved a majority. The size of nine to seven and a half meters. The mihrab is about three and a half meters high.