Xhol Caravan

Xhol Caravan, since 1970 only XhoI, was a krautrock band from Wiesbaden.

Often referred to as " pioneers of Krautrock " group has become known for her LP " Electrip " from 1969 especially.

Xhol Caravan emerged from the group Soul Caravan (1967-1969), who played primarily soul with occasional jazz and blues deposits. Through contact with psychedelic (ie, mind-altering ) drugs, the former members of the band found a psychedelic music with strong jazz influences. They documented by renaming the beginning of 1969 in Xhol Caravan.

For 1970/71 turned German film drama The mischief of Peter Fleischmann she contributed the soundtrack and also appeared as a band performance on there.

Not to be confused with the English Caravan of Canterbury, who were just then known, and to manifest the by the departure of Hansi Fischer ( Embryo ) changed music style, the band shortened their name to Xhol the beginning of 1970. She has been dissolved in April 1972.


As Soul Caravan:

As Xhol Caravan:

XhoI as:

Single " Planet Earth " (ca. 1969)


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