XHTML Basic (English " elemental XHTML " ) is an XML-based version of XHTML, which is like WML on mobile devices, such as cell phones and PDAs, tailored.

Version 1.0 was developed by members of the W3C and released on 3 November 2000. The version 1.1 was unveiled on 6 June 2006 and released as a recommendation on 13 July 2007.

In contrast to XHTML XHTML Basic has fewer elements for formatting text and does not support framesets and image maps. Script elements and event attributes (such as onmouseover ) are supported since version 1.1.

As an extension to XHTML 1.1 standard XHTML Basic does for text input fields, the attribute input mode in order to view the browser that in an input field, for example, only numbers or as an e -mail address is expected as input. So the browser can make typing easier, for example via a telephone keypad using only numbers offered.