Xiahe County

The circle Xiahe, Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture is located in the southeastern Chinese province of Gansu. It has an area of 6674 km ² and has a population of 80,000. Its main town is the large village Labrang (拉卜楞 镇).

The Labrang Monastery and the site of the city Bajiaocheng ( Bajiaocheng Chengzhi八角 城城 址) from the Tang Dynasty to Ming Dynasty are on the list of monuments of the People's Republic of China.

Administrative Divisions

At the community level, the circle of a greater community and fourteen municipalities is composed. These are (Pinyin / chin. ):

  • Greater community Labuleng拉卜楞 镇
  • Community Sangke桑科 乡
  • Community Jiujia九 甲 乡
  • Community Ganjia甘 加 乡
  • Community Damai达麦 乡
  • Community Wangge'ertang王 格尔 塘乡
  • Community Madang麻 当 乡
  • Community Qu'ao曲 奥 乡
  • Community Tangga唐 尕 昂 乡
  • Community Zhayou扎 油 乡
  • Community Bola博拉 乡
  • Community Jicang吉 仓 乡
  • Community Amuquhu阿木 去 乎 乡
  • Community Yaliji牙 利吉 乡
  • Community Kecai科 才 乡

Ethnic structure of the population ( 2000)

At the census in 2000 had 77 262 inhabitants Xiahe.