Xiahou is a rare zweisilbiger Chinese family name.

The Xiahou (夏侯) family was a powerful clan of the Three Kingdoms period in ancient China, emerged from the numerous generals of Wei Dynasty.

Your ancestor Xiahou Ying was used according to the history of the Three Kingdoms with the Cao family and Cao Teng, the grandfather of Cao Cao, married into the family, and so strengthened the bond between the two clans. Especially the generals Xiahou Dun and Xiahou Yuan brought the family a lot of honor.

Master list

  • Xiahou? Xiahou Dun Xiahou Chong Xiahou Yi Xiahou Zuo
  • Xiahou Shao ( adopted)
  • Xiahou Zuo
  • Xiahou Zang
  • Xiahou Jiang
  • One daughter ( married Liu Shan)
  • Xiahou? Xiahou yuan Xiahou Heng Xiahou Ji Xiahou Bao
  • Xiahou? Xuahou? Xiahou De
  • Xiahou Shang Xiahou Xuan Xiahou Ben
  • Xiahou Feng
  • Xiahou? Xiahou En
  • Xiahou Jie Xiahou Xian
  • Xiahou Cun
  • Individual family
  • The Three Kingdoms period