Xialu District

Xialu (Chinese下 陆 区, pinyin Xialu Qū ) is a municipality of the prefecture-level city of Huangshi in Hubei Province. It has an area of 68 km ² and has around 160,000 inhabitants ( end of 2007).

Administrative Divisions

Originally the township was composed at the community level from four road districts. These were:

  • Road district Xin Xialu (新 下 陆 街道), the seat of government of the municipality;
  • Road district Dongfangshan (东方 山 街道);
  • Road district Lao Xialu (老 下 陆 街道);
  • Road district Tuanchengshan (团 城 山 街道).

In 2011, the city district government decided to abolish the municipal level and to provide the administrative village level directly to the municipality. At the same time, the number of administrative units at the village level was reduced from 39 to 26. A current list of these 26 residential communities is not yet available.