Xiangcheng District, Zhangzhou

The municipality Xiangcheng (芗城区) is the administrative headquarters of the Chinese Zhangzhou prefecture-level city in southern Fujian Province. It was founded in 1985 and is roughly equivalent to the former independent city Zhangzhou, which was dissolved with its inception. Xiangcheng is located about 40 miles inland from the mouth of Jiulongjiang at the confluence of a tributary. Together with the municipality Longwen (龙 文 区), it forms the urban agglomeration Zhangzhous.

Xiangcheng has (2002) 514.400 inhabitants and a GDP of 11.6 billion yuan. The GDP per capita was 22,494 yuan, and was significantly above the average for the province of Fujian.

The municipality has over two thousand years of history in the 17th century and was the center of the emigrants to Taiwan, then to Singapore, Penang and Jakarta.

Xiangcheng is known in the People's Republic of China as the city of flowers and fruits. Are well recognized for its six fruits: mandarin, lychee, banana, longan, pomelo and pineapple and the three precious flowers: narcissus, camellia and orchid.


Ethnic structure of the population of Xiangcheng (2000)

Xiangcheng has an area of 253 km ². In census 2000 433.194 inhabitants were counted ( population density 1712.23 inh. / Km ²).

24.491388888889117.62611111111Koordinaten: 24 ° 29 'N, 117 ° 38 ' E

Townships: Xiangcheng - Longwen

Independent Cities: Longhai

Circles: Yunxiao - Zhangpu - Zhao'an - Changtai - Dongshan - Nanjing - Pinghe - Hua'an

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