Xiangtan (湘潭 市) is a prefecture-level city in eastern China's Hunan province.

It lies at the mouth of the river Lian Shui涟水in the Xiangjiang. It has a river port and a railway station. It has textile and steel industry and has long served as transit point for travelers of importance. Traditionally, Xiangtan is also known in China for its Betelnußerzeugnisse. Xiangtan has an area of ​​5006 km ² and approximately 2.81 million inhabitants ( 2004).

To Xiangtan also Shaoshan, the birthplace of Mao Zedong heard.

Administrative Divisions

At county level, Xiangtan consists of two districts, a circle and two independent cities together. These are:

  • Municipality Yuetang (岳塘区), 206 km ², 330,000 inhabitants, the seat of the city government;
  • Municipality Yuhu (雨湖 区), 74 km ², 370,000 inhabitants;
  • Xiangtan county (湘潭 县), 2513 km ², 1.12 million inhabitants, capital: greater community Yisuhe (易 俗 河镇);
  • City Xiang Xiang (湘乡 市), 2003 km ², 890,000 inhabitants;
  • City Shaoshan (韶山 市), 210 km ², 100,000 inhabitants.


Water supply

In Xiangtan there are three water plants with a capacity of about 600,000 tons / day. A fourth water plant with a capacity of 400,000 tons of additional is currently under construction.


The city is connected with two railway lines in the railway network of the People's Republic of China. At this a number of companies are also directly connected.


With both more traditional industries, as well as modern manufacturing company Xiangtan is an important industrial city in China. In addition to companies from the secondary sector, for example in the fields: electrical engineering, metallurgy, chemical industry and building materials industry in the meantime a number of high -tech companies have located in Xiangtan. These include companies from the " New Materials ", biopharmaceutical and " Modern production industry."


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