Xichang (Chinese西昌 市, pinyin Xichang Shì; Yi: Latbbu - Oprro ꆿ ꁮ ꀒ ꎂ, short Oprro ꀒ ꎂ ) is the capital of the Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture in Sichuan Province of the People's Republic of China. Near the town are a spaceport and launch site, known as the Baikonur Xichang. Xichang has its own airport, which is connected by a railway and a highway directly to the spaceport. The coordinates of the city are 27 ° 54 'N, 102 ° 16' O27.899027777778102.26991666667Koordinaten: 27 ° 54 'N, 102 ° 16 ' E.

The administrative area of Xichang has an area of ​​2655 km ² and around 600,000 inhabitants ( end of 2006).

The Dayangdui - site (大洋 堆 遗址, Dayangdui Yizhi ) in Jingjiu and the great stone tombs in the autonomous district of Liangshan (凉山 大石 墓群, Liangshan shimuqun since, English Large Stone Tombs of Wanao, Xichang and Arong, Dechang ) from the time of the Han Dynasty to the Warring States period ( in Wanao洼 垴( Xichang ) and Arong ( Dechang ) ) are on the list of monuments of the People's Republic of China since 2006.

Administrative Divisions

At the community level, Xichang sets of six road districts, eight large municipalities, 27 municipalities and two Nationality communities together. These are:

  • Road district Beicheng (北 城 街道);
  • Street Xicheng district (西城 街道);
  • Street Dongcheng District (东城 街道);
  • Chang'an Street district (长安街 道);
  • Road district Xincun (新村 街道);
  • Road Changning District (长宁 街道);
  • Greater community Madao (马 道 镇);
  • Greater community Lizhou (礼 州镇);
  • Greater community Anning (安宁 镇);
  • Greater community Chuanxing (川 兴镇);
  • Greater community Huanglianguan (黄 联 关镇);
  • Greater community Youjun (佑 君 镇);
  • Large village Taihe (太和镇);
  • Greater community Appe (安哈 镇);
  • Community Xijiao (西郊 乡);
  • Community Gaojian (高 枧 乡);
  • Community Xiaomiao (小 庙乡);
  • Behold community (四合 乡);
  • Community Yuehua (月华 乡);
  • Community Xingsheng (兴 胜 乡);
  • Community Langhuan (琅 环 乡);
  • Community Minsheng (民 胜 乡);
  • Community Xixiang (西乡 乡);
  • Community Zhangmuqing (樟木 箐 乡);
  • Community Xiang Shui (响 水乡);
  • Community Kaiyuan (开元 乡);
  • Community Daxing (大兴 乡);
  • Community Hainan (海南 乡);
  • Daqing Municipality (大 箐 乡);
  • Community Jingjiu (经久 乡);
  • Community Xixi (西 溪乡);
  • Municipality Huang Shui (黄 水乡);
  • Community Luogubo (洛古波 乡);
  • Community Zhongba (中 坝乡);
  • Community Aqi (​​阿 七 乡);
  • Community Qiaodi (荞 地 乡);
  • Community Mopan (磨盘 乡);
  • Community Baru (巴 汝 乡);
  • Community Yinchang (银 厂 乡);
  • Community Baima (白马 乡);
  • Community Ma'anshan (马鞍山 乡);
  • Community Yulong Hui (裕隆 回族 乡);
  • Community Gaocao Hui (高 草 回族 乡).

Ethnic structure of the population Xichangs (2000)

At the census in the year 2000 615.212 inhabitants were counted in Xichang.

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