Xie Jun

Xie Jun ( Chinese谢军/谢军, Pinyin Xie Jun, born October 30, 1970 in Beijing) is a Chinese chess grandmaster and former World Champion.


In her youth she first played Xiangqi, then moved on to chess and was promoted by the state. In 1988 she participated in the Chess Olympiad in Thessaloniki and took 10 of 13 points. In the same year, she was national champion.

In 1991, she reached over the Interzone tournament in Kuala Lumpur, the candidates tournament in Borjomi and the overdue playoff against Alisa Marić the World Cup final in Manila. Here she won as almost unknown surprisingly the world title against Maia Tschiburdanidse.

The title of Grandmaster (GM ) she received in 1993. During the same year she defended in Monte Carlo for the world title against Nana Iosseliani. In 1996, she lost it again against Zsuzsa Polgár. When that did not compete for the title defense in 1999, Xie Jun could conquer the world title again until she lost him in 2001 to her compatriot Zhu Chen.

1998 and 2000 she won with the Chinese team gold medals at the Chess Olympiad. Since 2004, she has the title FIDE Senior Trainer. In 2005, she received the Laureus in Shenzhen China Top Ten Athletes Award Nichtolympischer in the category Sportsman of the Year.

With their current Elo rating of 2574 (October 2008) it is the fourth best woman in the world rankings and the second best in the Chinese women's rankings. However, it is currently not active in chess, as it has played no -evaluated lot more since the wife Olympics in October 2004. Your best ever historical Elo rating of 2619, it reached in October 2004.


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